What we do

Procurement center is generally part of the supply chain that provides tangible business activity in order to cover customers’ requirements.
Procurement or purchasing is the process of finding goods or services for a business at an acceptable price that meets the business needs which is always followed by our specialists who dedicate their time and effort to provide their expertise in varies electrical and mechanical procurement sectors widely.
Work experience is valuable to a procurement specialist is focused specially at the most senior level. For a specialist who is focused on traditional procurement, experience in strategic sourcing, negotiating contacts, bid tendering and related processes are very important.

We support our customers in facing their challenges with providing portfolio consist of wide range of products & equipment in mining, electrical & mechanical industries, oil and gas, petrochemical, process applications, transport and infra-structures.

We specialize in sourcing the best manufacturers around the globe, with a worldwide reputation for excellence, assistance of many multinational companies.
We supply different types of equipment and machinery that fulfills specific needs of end-user requirement.

NOVA Imperium ’ team is highly qualified for procurement and trained to listen to their customers to promote a better understanding of the commodity trading and an innovative approach to business.
All purchasing is conducted in compliance with institution policies and government regulations.


Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We are focusing to become one of the most diverse suppliers in the Europe, Africa and Middle east in line with our core values; honestly, integrity and respect of our customers.

Mining & Mineral Processing

We have engaged in supply of wide range of equipment for exploration, mining, and processing of mineral resources and processing of mineral resources. We succeed to supply Flotation Package, Thickener, Filter Press, Grinding Mill, Crusher, Water Treatment Package, Belt Conveyor, Dart Valve, Apron Feeder, etc. to our esteemed customers. Multiple projects in progress at various mines across the world reached major construction milestones during past years.

Steel & Copper

To assure our goal and regarding our projects, we focus on collaboration with the world’s largest companies according to the best achievable productivity, and following efficiency goals, continuous improvement and lower costs.

Electrical & Process Automation

Collaboration with customers and other energy producers, industry bodies and local communities helps us in many ways. It is a proven way to learn new things, share best practices, achieve specific objectives, set future goals, and build trust In line with out mission in this sector. Our vision is for thriving industries and a prosperous community, so we have tried to promote developing trade and other business opportunities between Europe and all other continents.

Renewable Energy - Solar

Series of EPC services in different scales of Residential/Industrial Rooftops, Medium size of distributes utility scale solar plants, large scale solar plants of Fixed Ground Mounted, Single Axis Tracker and Off-Grid Solar Genset.